Access to Medical Records

Even in the best regulated systems errors can occasionally occur. Should you see something in your record that you believe to be such an error please contact the Practice as soon as possible. Please do not tell anyone else about the content of any such error as the data remains confidential.
For those patients who have access to their medical records, you may have sight of test results before the GP/Clinician has had a chance to contact you and discuss them. We will try and keep these instances to a minimum. We apologise in advance for any distress this may cause.
If you are requesting access to another patient’s medical record or to speak on their behalf you will be asked to provide written confirmation from that patient that they consent to you having full access to their medical record and they agree to you speaking on their behalf.
Children aged 13 and above are considered competent to deal with their own health issues. To request access to their record and speak on your child’s behalf you will need to provide written consent from your child